About Us

Our History

Arcanum Solutions was founded in 2001 by Tom Loomis, guided by the principal that technology solutions can and should be implemented to solve the most difficult business problems. We gauge our success not by how many new and hot technologies we implement, but by how quickly we deliver, and how many business problems we solve. We take pride in our ability to implement technologies in a practical and cost effective way to solve the toughest business challenges.

We view our relationships with our clients as partnerships.   We are only successful when we have helped them use technology to gain efficiency, quality, and growth they would have otherwise not recognized.   Our client relationships are generally long term mutually beneficial relationships.  We look for areas of thier business that we can have the greatest impact with technology improvements.

Our Philosophy

At Arcanum Solutions our goal is to help our clients by applying technology to solve the business problems that are obstacles to obtaining the growth they desire. We do that by implementing, integrating and developing custom software solutions. We take a cooperative and pragmatic approach to our engagements. We utilize our combination of technology and business analysis skills to implement solutions that use the right technology applied to the most critical business problems. Arcanum consultants are motivated by the continued success of our clients.   Arcanum views our relationships with our clients as partnerships.   We expect results from our team that enhances our client's business and operations.  We expect our replationships with our clients to be long term and mutually beneficial.