Technical Consulting Services

Technology Consulting

At Arcanum solutions we look forward to engagements that utilize our technical consulting services. We help our clients determine which parts of an operation can gain efficiency with the application of new or updated technology. Our consultants identify the parts of a business process which are a necessary part of the process, and which are a part of the process due to lack of, or inefficient use of technology.

Arcanum has a track record of cost effectively implementing technology improvements for our clients. By being careful and attentive listeners, our consultants are able to recognize the areas most in need of technology solutions. Motivated by the results of our engagements we help our clients gain widespread enthusiasm and acceptance for our solutions. This is one of the many factors that allows us to continually deliver successful technology solutions.

Our consultants have experience with a wide range of technology tools. We take pride in our ability to keep current with the ever changing technology landscape. Arcanum consultants have the rare ability to maintain vendor neutrality, and cut through the marketing hype that accompanies every technology advancement. We select technology tools which are appropriate for each individual client's situation.


Our consultants have been engaged to perform Assessments of software development processes, and projects.   These engagements involve in depth interviews with all stakeholders involved in the process or project.   Deliverables include a reports detailing all the findings and recommendations, as well as a road map for specific positive changes to make.  Specific items that are included:

  • Development Process and Tools
  • Detailed Code Review
  • User Experience/Interface
  • Database Design
  • Integration and Interfaces
  • Support Structure
  • Technical Infrastructure

Product/Solution Selection

We have helped our clients with the solution selection process as well.   That has included being a trusted adviser in vendor meetings and demos, so we can aid our clients in the buy versus build decision.    If that decision comes up buy we have further aided our clients with the vendor shortlisting, and final selection process.   Maintaining our vendor neutrality is critical during these engagements, we offer an unbiased and objective opinion.     These engagements include:

  • Build versus Buy evaluation
  • Vendor and Solution evaluation
  • Vendor and Solution short listing
  • ROI Evaluation
  • Final Selection