Microsoft Services

Having a flexible and responsive application platform helps your people make faster and better decisions based on business insight and brings your people, processes, and information together so you can capture business advantage. We help you build connected and adaptable systems that enable you to maximize business opportunities. Our teams of experts provide design, implementation, and support expertise to enhance the way you develop, deploy, and manage the applications that run your business. Leveraging the flexible and scalable Microsoft® Application Platform, we help you align IT with your business goals, increasing speed to market and improving your business choice.

We have been contracted to develop custom applications from the ground up. We offer services including requirements gathering and definition, custom development and integration services.

At Arcanum Solutions we believe the use of technology should help all businesses no matter their size or industry. We take pride in our ability to continue to remain current in the latest options companies have to improve their efficiency with automation. We use the tools at our disposal as part to the Microsoft Partner program to help accomplish this. Let us help you leverage your existing technology investment.

Microsoft Projects

Some of our typical microsoft projects are listed below:

  • Custom Development
    • Web (ASP.NET), Windows (Winforms, WPF)
    • Database design and conversion work
    • Integration work
  • Automation using Microsoft Office
    • VSTO
    • OpenXML
  • Migrating legacy code
    • .NET 1.1 to 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 or 4.0
    • VB 6.0 to any .NET
  • Integrate .NET code into existing legacy code.