MEDITECH Technical Services

Integrating the MEDITECH HIS into the enterprise, poses a unique set of challenges. Our consultants are versed in both the MEDITECH proprietary technology and the mainstream technology tools you need to build connected, integrated applications. We can help you design and implement custom MEDITECH applications, to allow your people access to the data they need in the format they need it in.


The MEDITECH proprietary technology is a bit of a black box to many.   Our MEDITECH technical consultants possess the skills and knowledge to help with a variety of projects.  Our engagements range from developing custom applications, dashboards and integration's, to data extractions, data conversions and custom NPR report writing and training consulting services.  

MEDITECH and Microsoft

We have extensive experience using the Microsoft Technology stack, including the latest in .NET technologies. We have done many projects which involved custom development to help integrate the MEDITECH HIS including custom dash boards, ER/ED boards, and downtime applications.   

Some of our more recent MEDITECH engagements have involved using .NET technology to build two way links between the MEDITECH HIS and third party web applications. We have technology that allows users to launch a MEDITECH (MAGIC) session, from a third party application, with the patient they have already identified (patient context) loaded into the third party application. We can also launch a web application URL of your choice passing the MEDITECH patient identifier already identified in MEDITECH (patient context).  These technologies allow you to fully integrate your MEDITECH HIS with your other applications leveraging your existing software investments.

MEDITECH Data Repository


We have used the proprietary MEDITECH programming platform for years.  We can help you build custom applicaitons, custom reports or deliver custom training on the NPR Report Writer.