BWS Connections Used

  • McKesson Star
  • MEDITECH Magic, NUI, C/S (5.6, 6.0)
  • OCR
  • Reflections (VT-400)
  • Rumba (HLLAPI)
  • Smarterm
  • Windows (Inlcuding Smart)
  • Web


Systems Automated

  • GE Centricity
  • McKesson Pathways Materials Management
  • MEDITECH (Magic, NUI, C/S, C/S 5.6/6.0)
  • Mysis Path and Micro
  • Navinet Claims Processing
  • PowerPath
  • Siemens Invision
  • Siemens Soarian
  • Many web based products (claims, revenue cycle management)

Boston WorkStation™ Services

Boston Workstation is one of several process automation tools that Arcanum consultants are proficient with.  We are not "scriptors", but software engineers that are familiar with process automation tools.  Our Consultants have extensive experience in defining the requirements for the script as well as delivering script development services. Our automation projects tend to be of the more complex variety.  Generally they are doing a complex bit of logic with several systems to automate.  They also run with a high schedule frequency.  Our automation projects end up being robust peices of software that pay for themselves quickly. 

We approach our automation engagements in several ways, they can be straight up consulting engagements, a combination for consulting and training, or straight up training engagements.  Pricing models incldue time and materials, to time and materials not to exceed, and fixed price.   

Some of our recent automation projects:

  • Admissions Registration
  • Automate Downtime Report Generation Process
  • B/AR Comments Entry as part of automated revenue cycle management
  • Claims/Revenue Management
  • Daily Process Automation
  • Dictionary Compare
  • Downtime Report Printing
  • Financial Purchase Order Processing
  • HIS System Conversion Augmentation
  • ICD9 Coding Interface
  • Cafeteria Payroll Debit Interface
  • Insurance Eligibility Checking
  • Insurance Inspection Data Entry
  • Microorganism Billing
  • Medical Reports Transcribed Text interface
  • Medical Reports Ordered Exams interface
  • Report Printing
  • System Monitoring and Alerting