What Out Clients Say About Us

Breed's Hill Insurance Agency

Initially, our goal was to find a way to produce comprehensive monthly reports for our insurance carriers. After researching a variety of alternatives, we chose to engage Tom Loomis and Arcanum Solutions as our IT vendor to provide us with information in user-friendly formats. Not only did Tom find a way to extract data from our cumbersome system, he offered us technology innovations that gave us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

After conversations with our staff, insurers, and clients, Tom quickly developed a true “end-to-end” system that helped us to double our capacity while increasing staff only 50%. Our retail agents consistently remark that we have the best, easiest to use on-line application system. Agents are able to enter data directly into our system from any computer with Internet access. By inputting the data themselves, our agents are also confident of the info sent to our underwriters. In turn, we increase data accuracy in the system as well as eliminate need for additional support staff on our end. This software is very flexible, giving our underwriters the data they need in a format that is readily accessible and streamlined. It is fully integrated with our accounting software, thus making reconciliations a breeze. We are now able to produce policies by clicking a button. This seamless process drastically reduced turnaround time on each transaction as well as provided our insurance companies with accurate reports on a timely basis. No wonder we improved our relations with our retail agents as well as our carriers!

When our customers have asked for contact info on our IT vendor, without hesitation, I highly recommend Tom Loomis and Arcanum Solutions.

Paula Couzzo
Breed's Hill Insurance Agency

Massachusetts General Hospital

The solution was easy, quick and inexpensive to implement. Working with Arcanum Solutions was a pleasure and their team was professional, efficient and created a solution that was easily implemented and supported by my team. Their solution increased revenue by $2.2 million annually at very little cost to implement and support and with no additional resources from the MGH Microbiology Service.

Lyman Garniss
Partners Healthcare Systems

Sturdy Memorial Hospital

Arcanum's Web Kardex (Clinical Care Indicators) allowed our hospital to access a web based application that could be launched inside of MEDITECH. The fact that a user is not required to launch another web app and then search for a patient to pull out clinical data, has saved a tremendous amount of time and frustration.


Thomas Precopio
Sturdy Memorial Hospital