Sturdy Memorial Hospital

Client Overview

Sturdy Memorial Hospital is a community hospital located in North Attleboro, MA. They utilize a variety of Health Information Systems, including the MEDITECH HIS.


Sturdy was in the process of upgrading the MEDITECH HIS. The upgrade to version 5.5 of the MEDITECH HIS included some functionality in the Nursing module which was previously being performed by another vendor's application (Iatric's Visual Flow Sheet). Sturdy desired to replace the Iatric's product with the functionality that existed in the new MEDITECH release; however there were several gaps between the two products.

Solution Overview

Arcanum Solutions worked with Sturdy to define the requirements for a system that would effectively fill the gaps between the two products. The custom application would allow the Sturdy nurses to have the convenient view of the MEDITECH data they had been used to with the Iatric’s Visual Flowsheet, yet remove the extra steps of having to log into a separate system, and identify a patient they already had selected in the MEDITECH HIS.


Through the development of the custom application Arcanum Solutions was able to provide the nurses at Sturdy Memorial with a complete and concise view of the Clinical Care Indicators they had become used to with the Iatric’s Visual Flow Sheet. Arcanum using it's in depth technical knowledge of the MEDITECH HIS, was able to build the application so that it was completely integrated with the MEDITECH HIS. There is no second application to log into, no need to go through the patient search process a second time. The nurses are able to click a menu option from within the MEDITECH Flowsheet and the data for the patient currently selected is displayed. In addition to the time and frustration saved on the user's part, the solutions limited the amount of set up and maintenance required by the IT staff at Sturdy.

The solution implemented at Sturdy is offered as the MEDITECH Web Kardex product from Arcanum Solutions.